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Building brand through technology

Marketing is many things however essentially it is communication. Communication needs information and in most cases, technology. We have seen greater developments in technology in the last 5 years than we have in the previous 30 and this is without doubt driving the “Customer Experience” (CX) Centric business model. It is now imperative we have a great CX, this includes the speed of delivery and reliability, or consistency, all of which are of equal importance.

Imagine for a moment doing your online shopping at Coles or Woolworths to find out one of the brands has a delivery time of a week verses the other, a day. Who would you choose? Equally if your order was spoiled on arrival. Would you articulate your frustration on social media? Maybe with an Instagram a picture? Needless to say the customer experience (CX) can build or damage your brand in the online world.

As technology has created this CX centric environment, it is now more important than ever that you use it to grow your business.

The Contractor Management Industry is an industry based around the management and support of “fixed term workers” otherwise known as “Contingent Labour”. Typically our industry attracts a low margin, high volume business model designed to simplify operations, improve visibility and provide more to the worker giving them a greater CX than they would’ve otherwise received. Our Industry is typically dominated by few large scale providers managing in excess of thousands of workers each and mostly providing the same offering.

So we’ve now established that technology has created this CX centric environment, where we can use this to create something really special? So how do I break in? How do I disrupt my industry and really ruffle feathers? The answer, technology…

PayPartners vision is to bring a consolidated “one stop” offering for our clients and workers, the likes of which has not been seen before. It had to be cloud, it needed to be social, to have mobile capabilities, highly customisable, global coverage and, above all, an amazing user experience for all.

After an exhaustive 6 month review of ERP, CRM, HCMS, VMS, Timesheet Solutions and more, PayPartners agreed to partner with Ramco. We knew Ramco shared our vision and wanted to travel the journey of creating the most advanced Contractor Management Organisation in Asia Pacific.

How do things look now? We’re now six months down the line and are yet to lose business to our competition, and our competitors are very aware of us. PayPartners and Ramco have co-sponsored industry events, we have undertaken joint marketing excersizes in the form of print and commercials. Our partnership has reduced each partners overall marketing expense whilst significantly improving each our business footprint.

And the CX…?

It’s second to none!