Pay Partners

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Corporate Services

Our clients can expect to reduce cost, manage risk, and achieve greater governance and visibility of their contingent workforce.

PayPartners core competence is the engagement, management and payroll of independent workers and contractors otherwise known as contingent labour. Often our clients will have previously managed these workers in house, or have outsourced their management to a recruitment agency. A PayPartners solution is modular, and can scale based on your evolving needs. Services start at a low $16 per contractor per day with no minimum volume or spend commitments.  

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Professional Services

An important component of the PayPartners offering is its integration into a broader Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) strategy. We offer a range of professional services to support you in analysing, understanding and building a better Contingent Workforce Management program. If you have an existing program in place or are not sure where to start, PayPartners can help. 

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