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Engagement and Payroll

PayPartners specialise is the engagement, management and payroll of non permanent employees or “Contingent Workers”. Traditionally these workers have been managed either in house or through an expensive outsourced arrangement with a recruitment agency. Where as a recruitment agency will specialise in recruitment. PayPartners specialise in the payroll and Contractor Management of your contingent workforce.

Our offering can be deployed in many different configurations based on your requirements. Our solution is modular and can scale with maturity, starting with the compliant engagement of directly (client) sourced ABN and PTY LTD and long tenure agency contractors before consolidating non-preferred vendors into the solution.


The PayPartners offering is a service and technology based solution that is modular in nature. Each of our clients benefit from a service that is custom designed to suit their needs. We provide outcomes that are measurable and reportable.

Our solution can be broken down into the following modules:

Contractor Engagement and Payroll

This is the cornerstone of our service offering. We engage and payroll your contractors, operate as the ‘employer of record’ and manage all payroll tax, insurance, superannuation and ATO payments on your behalf.

PayPartners 3rd Party Supplier Management

We work with you to ensure that you meet your spend compliance and panel leakage objectives whilst providing a scalable framework for engaging and working with Non Preferred Vendors (NPV). We provide a single point of consolidated invoicing, reporting and management across these suppliers.

RPO and MSP Integration

PayPartners integrate directly with your chosen RPO or MSP partner, either as their sub-contractor or directly. We provide a scaleable and compliant contractor engagement solution together with timesheeting and on-demand reporting. We also deliver consolidated invoicing and payroll funding.