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PayPartners, proud to be supporting Camp Quality…

On the 20th of August PayPartners hosted “Dine at Mine” in our Sydney office.

Dine at Mine is Camp Quality’s national fundraising campaign that launched in August 2013 to help raise money and awareness for children living with cancer in Australia.

Camp Quality’s purpose is to create a better life for every child living with cancer in Australia. The services Camp Quality provide for children (0-13 years) living with cancer and their families help create a better life by building optimism and resilience throughout each stage of their cancer journey. Right from diagnosis, throughout treatment and in remission or bereavement, their programs support the whole family; at hospital, at home, back at school and away from it all.

Our event was a success! Attendees included business partners, internal staff and clients, all of whom made a meaningful contribution and enjoyed each others company’.

Well done and thank you to all who participated.