RPO and MSP Integration & Support. 


We know that your Contingent Workforce Program can be broader than just directly sourced
contractors. This is why we will work closely with you to understand the big picture and
integrate with other suppliers.


For many large organisations (and increasingly mid-size ones too) an onsite RPO or
MSP program can be an effective way of sourcing contingent labour. This presents
its own challenges however, and the decision to engage with an RPO or MSP provider
based on their ability to provide a best-of-breed contractor engagement and payroll
module can result in too many compromises.


Best practice often dictates the separation of the sourcing and engagement/payroll
components, this strategy is being followed by many leading corporations and
government entities across Australia today. PayPartners provides a vendor neutral
contractor engagement and payroll solution to ensure that your contractors

remain just that; yours.