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We have all had that period in our lives where we feel, regardless of what happens, we simply have nothing positive going for us. It’s easy to criticize yourself in just about any thing-from your competence in the workplace to how you deal with situations at home-and this can make


Supplier LOVE

The story of a recovering procurement professional “Envision a business that embraces outsiders as insiders, inviting its suppliers into the family circle and treating them with the same love and care it showers on its customers and team members”. Conscious Capitilism – Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business by John



Over time, while businesses have been seeing transformational changes, HR has seen only incremental changes. In the old economy, elimination of error was of prime importance and therefore HR was tuned to that. Today businesses demand much more. Collaboration, Planning & Innovation is the need of the hour. These are


Marketing is many things however essentially it is communication. Communication needs information and in most cases, technology. We have seen greater developments in technology in the last 5 years than we have in the previous 30 and this is without doubt driving the “Customer Experience” (CX) Centric business model. It


On the 20th of August PayPartners hosted “Dine at Mine” in our Sydney office. Dine at Mine is Camp Quality’s national fundraising campaign that launched in August 2013 to help raise money and awareness for children living with cancer in Australia. Camp Quality’s purpose is to create a better life


t comes as no great surprise: productive people are happier. Recent research* suggests people who are happy at work are 22 per cent more likely to be productive. Workplace productivity expert Cholena Orr says when people develop better habits, they feel more in control and are happier at work and


The Coalition government’s 2015 federal budget has been generally accepted as being pro small business. The three policies that have received most publicity relate to the immediate tax deduction for assets costing under $20,000, a 1.5 per cent reduction in the tax rate for small businesses and an income tax


The end of financial year is only six weeks away. If you’re a small business owner, now is the time to tackle your tax time preparation. May and June tend to be a busy time for business and preparing your business tax return is one non-negotiable task you’ll need to

Money way

SMALL businesses will now officially get access to a $20,000 tax write-off to purchase items relating to their business after legislation passed the Senate today. The measure, which was the big ticket item in this year’s budget, passed without amendments and only a little debate shortly after 11am today. A


WITH life expectancy climbing and the government tightening its belt on aged pension concessions, it’s never been more important to make sure your super is in good shape. And we’re not just talking to those approaching retirement. Younger people should keep in mind that the current (relatively generous) aged pension